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Baptismal Covenant
Jun 24, 2014 | by Dominique DuBois Gilliard

DYA 2014 Monday Reflection

Today at DYA our theme was baptismal covenant. We learned about the seven alliterative C’s (Creation, Covenant, Crisis, Christ, Church, Calling, and the Coming Reign of God), how to structure a worship service, and the biblical significance and symbolism of water.

As we began our time together today we defined theology as the study of God’s relationship to humanity and the rest of creation. At DYA, we are learning to think of theology through the lens of worship; particularly through the prism of baptism.

We learned how the early Church understood baptism and how that should inform our comprehension of this sacrament today. The early Church realized that when we are baptized, we are changed. Baptism invites us into the Body of Christ, the death and resurrection of our Savior. Baptism gives us a different story. Baptism sets us on a new life trajectory and constructs new familial lines. In the early Church, they understood that when someone was baptized, they were being baptized into the salvific story of Christ.  Baptism is not just an individual undertaking, but a communal practice of submitting oneself life to the Lord. We learned how the baptismal waters are essential for life, they cleanse us of our sin, quench the thirst of our Spirit, and transport us from our old selves into new creations.

We also learned about the fundamental significance of water. It is a fugal theme which flows throughout God’s story of salvation, from beginning to end. We see water at the beginning of the cannon, playing a fundamental role in creation and at the end of Scripture with the River of Life. We made reference to the countless biblical passages where water plays a significant role and studied the connection between how God uses water in the story of both creation and recreation. Christ our Savior serves as the firstfruits of new creation. Christ, who was born of water and blood, was baptized by water and the Spirit. When we study Matthew’s account of Christ baptism, we see that there are three essential elements present at His baptism which were also present at creation—water, the Spirit, and the Word.

-Dominique DuBois Gilliard

You can catch a glimpse of our evening worship service together at the download link here. ( Check back in with us tomorrow when we reflect on the beauty and mystery of Creation.



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