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DYA 2014 Wednesday Reflection
Jun 26, 2014
Discovering God in our Midst
What an incredible day it was at DYA! Today we had our minds blown by Dr. Warren Smith as he seamlessly articulated the doctrines of the trinity, sin, end times, dual nature of Christ, salvation, and bodily resurrection. Even more unbelievable is that he somehow managed to do it in ninety minutes. We realized afterwards that he answered just about every question we have ever had. It was an incredible time of intellectual learning and definitely a highlight of the week for the DYA youth. As we stretch our minds to wonder and grasp the work of our Savior, we find ourselves falling more in love with Jesus.

We also continued to recognize today that God meets us in the everyday activities of our lives. Our lunch conversations, times of rest, and walks between buildings are presenting us with opportunities to meet Jesus. Our afternoon workshops are helping us in this understanding of God as one who meets us in our ordinary comings and goings. God encounters us in the very activities we already enjoy doing. We have learned to meet God by going for runs, taking pictures, drawing, journaling, and writing songs.
This was especially apparent in our table fellowship at dinner. Our tables were lavishly prepared today by a youth culinary art camp from Urban Hope in Durham. Their hard work of food and table preparation invited us to pause and soak in the delight of eating with new friends.

In general, today was a day of discovery. This discovery continued as we encountered some of the ancient traditions of Christianity through the Anglican/Episcopalian worship service. For many of our students this service was an opportunity to meet God in a new way. We marveled at God’s holiness and mystery: as we bowed in reverence to the cross, made the sign of the cross over our hearts, and smelled the incense burning over the communion table. In our evening mentor reflection time, many youth commented on the rich experience of meeting God in a variety of worship styles. We are truly starting to believe that God wants to know us and comes to us as we are. Thanks be to God the Father for sending us His Son, so that we might discover the living God in our midst! – Katie Misz

You can catch a glimpse of our evening worship service together at the download link here. ( Check back in with us tomorrow when we explore the messy, wonderful community we call Church.



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