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I Thirst
Prayer in Duke Chapel
Jun 25, 2013 | Submitted by AJ Walton, Mentor

Day 5

Theme: The Passion Faculty Speaker: Rev. Dr. Edgardo Colon-Emeric, Assistant Professor of Christian Theology Lectionary Texts: Isaiah 52:13-53;12 Psalm 22 Hebrews 10:16-25 John 18-19

Reflections from Lecture

In today’s plenary, Edgardo Colon-Emeric, assistant professor of theology at the Divinity School, discussed the Passion of Jesus Christ, inviting DYA’ers to consider what it means to contemplate, imitate, and participate in Christ’s death. During the lecture, Colon-Emeric presented the various ways in which Christians have generally understood the reasons why Jesus died on the cross — what many call ‘atonement theories’ — and he encouraged students to consider how certain understandings of Jesus’ death can have both positive and negative effects on Christian theology and practice. For instance, at times Christians have understood the cross as Jesus being in solidarity with the oppressed, while, at other times, an over emphasis on certain atonement theories have legitimated violence in the world.


“We’ve heard that Jesus Christ was not too tall and not very good looking, which leaves my heart strangely warmed.” Edgardo Colon-Emeric

“[Regarding Christ’s atonement], the question is, ‘How wide are Christ’s arms?’

“Given that Jesus was actually human — that he lived like us, that he experienced pain and feelings like we do — I’m just much more appreciative of his love for us.” — A student reflecting on the day

Other Activities

Friday at DYA was like most days, with breakfast in the dining hall, morning prayer, a plenary lecturer, lunch, and free time. Unlike other days, however, the day also consisted of both Arts Village activities and sessions devoted to prayer practices. During ‘Prayer Practices,’ students considered other ways in which to reflect on God’s presence in their lives and the world around them, ranging from Lectio Divina, prayer journaling, praying in color, and praying with the Psalms. The day ended on a more somber note, as DYA’ers participated in a Good Friday service. The Reverend Donna Banks preached on Jesus’ words, ‘My God, my God, why have you forsaken me,’ and the service, which ended in darkness and in silence, drew DYA into the pain and sadness that came over Jesus and his family, friends, and followers the day he hung and died on Golgotha.



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