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our beliefs

At the Duke Youth Academy, we dive deeply into our baptisms. Watch our animated short to learn what we mean!

Video: Baptismal vocation

Core Convictions

  • Christian baptism is both the means of becoming part of the church and the never-ending source of renewal and refreshment in the lifelong journey of Christian life.
  • Spiritual formation of young people is most faithful and effective when it is grounded in history and the life of the church and draws from a wide spectrum cultural, ethnic, and theological traditions.
  • Church and home are the primary communities of spiritual formation. DYA offers a transformative residency experience and empowers young people to integrate that transformation at home, in their churches, and in their communities.
  • Authentic theological, racial, and denominational diversity deepens Christian community and provokes a hopeful vision for the future of the church.
  • Overinvesting in the young will prompt the renewal of the church.


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