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Student Voices: Anna Hill
Anna (on the left) soaks up a Living Theology workshop during DYA residency.
Oct 5, 2015 | Anna Hill, '15
Anna Hill is a member of the 2015 DYA cohort.

Duke Youth Academy messed up my life in the most beautiful way. I learned that through baptism, we enter into God’s plan for us. I learned that God created the whole universe by speaking it into creation, but knitted us together in the womb. I learned the superiority of the word, “Lord,” and the depth of the phrase, “Christ is Lord.”

Our God is a God of diversity, variety, and imagination; and these attributes of God are shown in how we worship. I realized the reverence we put into worship, that the order of worship is found in scripture, and how various worship styles are all still Biblical.

I have attended different styles of worship in the Methodist church, both traditional and contemporary. However, I didn’t know there were more worship services outside those categories! I learned a vast amount at the Episcopal worship service; it was completely different from any service I have ever attended. During that service, I came to a revelation: our God is amazing beyond comprehension and, because of that, God should be revered. It was made evident to me during that service by the way they handled God’s Holy Word, how they kneel for prayer, and by how serious they took the Holy Eucharist.

With this knowledge and through the experience of Duke Youth Academy, God has illumined me. And so, I am forever letting God mess up my life in the most wonderful way possible.



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