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We are invited to a life with God
Jun 20, 2013 | By Ebony Grisom, Mentor

Day 3

Theme: Covenant Faculty Speaker: Dr. Anathea Portier-Young, Associate Professor of Old Testament Lectionary Texts: Joshua 24:1-8, 13-25; Psalm 136; 1 Peter 2:1-10; Matthew 26:26-29

Reflections from the Lecture

Dr. Portier-Young talked about covenant in the context of the Christian narrative. Reminding us of previous discussions, she noted that we enter into covenant with God through our baptism. Covenantal promises can be broken, but that breach doesn’t necessarily annul the covenant. By entering into covenant with us, God assumes the responsibility when we fail to fulfill its terms. God’s Covenant stands forever: God keeps God’s Promises! Our baptism immerses us into relationship with God that invites us to ask questions of God, to wrestle as Jacob wrestled (Genesis 28). Dr. Portier-Young invited us to consider how might these covenant baptismal waters seep into our lives.


“Life is covenant isn’t always smooth sailing.” Dr. Portier-Young

“You have an evangelical role in telling the story…” Dr. Portier-Young

“Worship here is so different…but, I am open to trying something new.”- A student reflecting on DYA

Other activities

What a day! Morning prayer in Duke Chapel set the tone for the day. From “Standing on the Promises of God”, to “Go Now in Peace”, we affirmed our faith and deepen communal bonds singing and praying together. We proceeded to plenary and worship workshops, both of which will help us plan the student-led worship services next week. We departed from DYA’s rhythmic pattern in order to attend service projects in the local community. From residential programs to community gardens and retirement homes, students and mentors experienced God’s Reign while working in various local communities. We gathered in evening chapel for an Anglican worship service where Rev. Zac Koons reminded us that God has given us all that we need in liturgy, the work of the people. Evening mentor groups pondered our covenants with one another and God’s Covenant with humanity. A long day of work eventually gave way to rest. We are excited to see what a new day at DYA will bring….



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